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Step 6: Airlines' New Hire Training

Learn about the airlines' new hire training format. Airlines' New Hire Training will vary from airline to airline. However, the airlines' training departments usually follow a standard format used by most airlines. Once hired, you may be assigned a First Officer or Flight Engineer position, which is based on the airline's need to fill vacant pilot positions on their airline planes, regardless of your background. Although airlines fly similar types of airplanes (Boeing and/or Airbus), each airline will train you based on their standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the airplane you will fly.

Airline New Hire Training consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1: Indoctrination (Indoc) Training
Indoctrination training involves company history, rules and regulations, and general subjects such as payroll, benefits, simulator training slots, cockpit resource management (CRM), etc. You will be assigned a seniority number, pilot base, and aircraft you’ll fly. Indoc lasts approximately 1-2 weeks (dependent on the company). Once Indoc is complete, you make take a comprehensive written test on topics discussed in class.
Phase 2: Ground School – Aircraft Systems
After passing Indoctrination training, you will proceed to ground school to learn about the aircraft systems for the type of airplane you were assigned to fly. Ground school may last 2-4 weeks. Most airlines have cockpit mock-up (paper-trainer) and computer-base training devices to supplement the ground school materials. Once ground school is complete, you will take a comprehensive written exam and/or oral exam before proceeding to simulator training.
Phase 3: Simulator (Sim) Training
After passing ground school, you will be assigned a simulator partner. Sim training usually lasts for 2 weeks or more. During sim training, you will experience normal, abnormal and emergency situations and taught procedures on how to deal with these situations. Once sim training is complete, you will take an oral exam and flight test (checkride) in the simulator with an examiner.
Phase 4: Initial Operating Experience (IOE)
After passing your checkride, you will be assigned IOE trips to fly with a Line Check Airman (instructor pilot). IOE allows you to apply the information you learned in Indoctrination training, Ground School, and Simulator Training to the “real world” by flying actual trips with passengers on board. The Line Check Airman will help you get accustomed to “flying the line” and teach you how to do your job more efficiently. After passing IOE, the company’s scheduling department will assign you several trips to help you build experience in the airplane.

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